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Big one 20000mAh

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Awei P51K 10000mAh Power Bank


Awei P51K 10000mAh Power Bank :> Brand: Awei> Model: P51K> Colour: Black,White> Main material: ABS,STEEL, & FIBER CLOTH> INPUT: Micro 5v – 2.0A(MAX)> Outout: 5v – 2.4A(Max)> Battery Capacity: 10000mAh> Rated Capacity:..

Awei P56K 30000mAh Power Bank


Awei P56K 30000mAh Power Bank :> Brand: Awei > Model: P56K> Colour: Black, White> Input: 5V --- 2.0A> Output: 5V --- 1.0A> Output: 5V --- 2.0A> Output: 5V --- 2.0A> Battery Capacity: 30000mAh/99Wh> Operating Tempe..

Awei P60K 10000mAh Power Bank


Awei P60K 10000mAh Power Bank:> Brand: Awei> Model: P60K> color: Gold, Gray, Rose gold, Red> Material: alloy > Input: Micro USB 5V — 2.1A (Max)> Output1: 5V — 2.1A (Max)> Output2: 5V — 2.1A (Max)> Battery Capacity: 10000m..

Awei P69K 10000mAh Power Bank


Awei P69K 10000mAh Power Bank :> Brand: AWEI> Model: P69K> Colour: black> Capacity: 10,000> Suitable for charging: Tablets Mobile phones> Type of: Universal battery> Charged by: USB> Features: Charge level indicator> T..

Awei P75K 10000mAh Power Bank


Awei P75K 10000mAh Power Bank :> Brand: Awei> Model: P75K> Input: Micro USB; 5V: 1.0A> Output1: 5V: 1.0A> Output2: 5V: 2.1A (Max)> Battery Capacity: 10000mAh> Operating temperature: -10°C  ?50°C> Storage temperature:..

Awei P77K 12000mAh Power Bank


Awei P77K 12000mAh Power Bank :> Brand: Awei> Modelo: P77K> Capacity: 12000mah, 37wh> Entrada: DC 5V/2A (Type-c/Micro); DC 5V/1.5A (lightning)> Input: 5V/1.5A> Output1: 5V/1.0A(max) > Output2: 5V/2.1A(max) > Tem..

Awei P91K 8000mAh Power Bank


Awei P91K 8000mAh Power Bank :> Model: P91K> Color available: Black, Gray, Rose Gold, Gold> Input: Micro USB 5V/2.1A> Output 1: 5V/1.0A> Output 2 : 5V/2.1A> Cell Capacity: 8000 mAh> Powerbank Capacity: 5001-10000mAh> Powe..

Awei Power Bank P-65K 16000mAh LED Displ...


Micro Input Electric Quantity Shown By LCD Display 16000 mAh..

Remax RPP-119 Jane Series 10000mAh Power...


Remax RPP-119 Jane Series 10000mAh Power Bank :> Brand Name:Remax> Model:RPP-119> Material :PC+ABS> Color:Black,White> Type:Emergency / Portable> Output Interface:Double USB> Output:5V/2A> Support Quick Charge Technology:..

Remax RPP-124 Linon 2 10000mAh Power Ban...


Remax RPP-124 Linon 2 10000mAh Power Bank :> Name: Remax> Model No: RPP-124> Chip: Lithium battery> Capacity: 10000mAh (3.7V)> Color: black and white> Material: ABS+PC (V0) / ABS+Fireproof PC (VO grade)> Input: DC5V-2.0..

Remax RPP-153 10000mAh Pro Powerful Powe...


Remax RPP-153 10000mAh Pro Powerful Power Bank :> Brand Name:Remax> Model Number:RPP-153> Material:ABS+PC> Color:White ,Black> Output Interface:DC, Single USB> Input Interface:Micro USB/AC, USB TYPE C> Supports Solar Energy:No>..

Remax RPP-59 Kooker 20000mAh Power Bank


 Remax RPP-59 Linon Pro 20000mAh  Power Bank : > Brand: Remax > Model: RPP-59> Display Type: LED> Battery Type: Li-polymer battery> Number of USB ports: 2> Body Material: ABS + fire retardant PC> Product Weigh..

Remax RPP-88 10000mAh Power Bank


Remax RPP-88 10000mAh Power Bank:Brand: REMAXName: Power BankModel: RPP-88Capacity: 10000mAhElectric Core: PolymersInput: DC5V-2.0A(max)Output: DC5V-2.0A(max)Materials: ABS+PCColor: White,BlackFunction: Dual USB design, can charge multiple smartphone..

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