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Micro 1 USB

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Awei P-20K 8000mAH Power Bank Portable B...


Authentic. Smart & Quick Charge. 8000 mAh Overcharge protect.Shake up power display.Input/Output Overvoltage protect.Cell MCU protect...

Awei P-84K 10400mAH Power Bank Portable ...


This backup power supply is mainly designed for portable digital devices, such as mobile phone, Tablet PC, MP3, MP4 and game player etc. This mobile power bank has high capacity, so it can provide enough power for your phone or other devices. LED dig..

Awei P-98K 7000mAh Wireless Power Bank


WIRED & WIRELESS CHARGING: Awei P98K Wireless Charging Power Bank For Qi-Enabled devices, and other devices equipped with Qi-compatible receiver, you just need to put your Qi-enabled mobile phone on the wireless charging pad for chargin..

Awei P51K 10000mAh Power Bank


Awei P51K 10000mAh Power Bank :> Brand: Awei> Model: P51K> Colour: Black,White> Main material: ABS,STEEL, & FIBER CLOTH> INPUT: Micro 5v – 2.0A(MAX)> Outout: 5v – 2.4A(Max)> Battery Capacity: 10000mAh> Rated Capacity:..

Awei P56K 30000mAh Power Bank


Awei P56K 30000mAh Power Bank :> Brand: Awei > Model: P56K> Colour: Black, White> Input: 5V --- 2.0A> Output: 5V --- 1.0A> Output: 5V --- 2.0A> Output: 5V --- 2.0A> Battery Capacity: 30000mAh/99Wh> Operating Tempe..

Awei P60K 10000mAh Power Bank


Awei P60K 10000mAh Power Bank:> Brand: Awei> Model: P60K> color: Gold, Gray, Rose gold, Red> Material: alloy > Input: Micro USB 5V — 2.1A (Max)> Output1: 5V — 2.1A (Max)> Output2: 5V — 2.1A (Max)> Battery Capacity: 10000m..

Awei P69K 10000mAh Power Bank


Awei P69K 10000mAh Power Bank :> Brand: AWEI> Model: P69K> Colour: black> Capacity: 10,000> Suitable for charging: Tablets Mobile phones> Type of: Universal battery> Charged by: USB> Features: Charge level indicator> T..

Awei P75K 10000mAh Power Bank


Awei P75K 10000mAh Power Bank :> Brand: Awei> Model: P75K> Input: Micro USB; 5V: 1.0A> Output1: 5V: 1.0A> Output2: 5V: 2.1A (Max)> Battery Capacity: 10000mAh> Operating temperature: -10°C  ?50°C> Storage temperature:..

Awei P77K 12000mAh Power Bank


Awei P77K 12000mAh Power Bank :> Brand: Awei> Modelo: P77K> Capacity: 12000mah, 37wh> Entrada: DC 5V/2A (Type-c/Micro); DC 5V/1.5A (lightning)> Input: 5V/1.5A> Output1: 5V/1.0A(max) > Output2: 5V/2.1A(max) > Tem..

Awei P91K 8000mAh Power Bank


Awei P91K 8000mAh Power Bank :> Model: P91K> Color available: Black, Gray, Rose Gold, Gold> Input: Micro USB 5V/2.1A> Output 1: 5V/1.0A> Output 2 : 5V/2.1A> Cell Capacity: 8000 mAh> Powerbank Capacity: 5001-10000mAh> Powe..

Awei Power Bank P-65K 16000mAh LED Displ...


Micro Input Electric Quantity Shown By LCD Display 16000 mAh..

Remax RPP-109 20000mAh Digital Display P...


Remax RPP-109 20000mAh Digital Display Powerbank:> Brand: Remax> Model: RPP-109 > Capacity:20000mAh> Input Interface: AC> Digital Display: Yes> Socket Type: USB Port> Features: Type-C supports the two way fast charging of 18..

Remax RPP-119 Jane Series 10000mAh Power...


Remax RPP-119 Jane Series 10000mAh Power Bank :> Brand Name:Remax> Model:RPP-119> Material :PC+ABS> Color:Black,White> Type:Emergency / Portable> Output Interface:Double USB> Output:5V/2A> Support Quick Charge Technology:..

REMAX RPP-120 Ultra Slim Portable Power ...


REMAX RPP-120 Ultra Slim Portable Power Bank 10000mAh>Output Interface:DC>Input Interface:AC>upports Solar Energy:No>Is LED Lamp Illumination:No>Battery Type:Li-Polymer Battery, Polymer Battery>Place of Origin:Guangdong, China (Main..

Remax RPP-124 Linon 2 10000mAh Power Ban...


Remax RPP-124 Linon 2 10000mAh Power Bank :> Name: Remax> Model No: RPP-124> Chip: Lithium battery> Capacity: 10000mAh (3.7V)> Color: black and white> Material: ABS+PC (V0) / ABS+Fireproof PC (VO grade)> Input: DC5V-2.0..

Remax RPP-131 20000mAh Dual Inputs Power...


Remax RPP-131 20000mAh Renor Dual Inputs Power Bank>Brand: Remax>USB/MICRO USB, Double Usb, Type C>Capacity:20000mAh>Input Interface: AC>Supports Solar Energy: No>Is LED Lamp Illumination: No>Battery Type:Li-Polymer Battery, Lith..

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