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Awei Newest X650BL Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Earphone Headset
Awei Newest X650BL Bluetooth Headphone Wireless Earphone Headset

This kind of packaging is similar to what you would find for products over $50. Hard magnetic box with complete specifications and color choices. It comes with 2 extra pairs of eartips: small and large (medium size already pre-inserted), cable fit adjuster, and manual/warranty card.

Just stare at how beautiful the X650BL is. The transparent nozzle cover houses and shows the gold dual dynamic drivers inside. The design of the shell seems a bit bulky. However, the accentuated brushed steel that shrouds the magnets is what really gives this gear a premium feel.

Despite packing a battery that lasts 7 hours (as stated in specifications) and dual dynamic drivers, the Awei X650BL is surprisingly lightweight. This is possibly one of the lightest bluetooth earphones Awei has released. During strenuous activities such as running and hard cycling, X650BL can withstand excessive amount of vibration and stays worn in-ear; thanks to the little accent on the side that gives it a strong yet comfortable fit.

Awei X650's round cable doesn't really look sturdy. Although, the fact that it doesn't tangle gives us a clue that it is in fact a reliable cable. Same goes for the thin remote/button housing. One good thing that is noticeable is the rubber flap that protects the microUSB charging port. It's an easy giveaway to know that it really is IPX5 Waterproof just by the looks of it. Sweat and water has no chance of entering its internals when properly used and worn. In addition, the design and weight of the entire remote is what makes it almost FREE OF MICROPHONICS. The positioning is perfect.

This is one aspect where Awei X650BL needs improvement. The shape of X650BL's shell doesn't go well with the position of nozzle and eartips. Furthermore, the stock silicon tips, no matter how good and comfortable they are, provides little isolation. Perhaps a little tip-rolling is necessary to achieve perfect isolation.
Despite having an imperfect isolation, Awei X650BL is still an excellent outdoor bluetooth earphones. On-the-go phone calls is what this earphones is perfect for. With the utilization of Qualcomm cVc Noise Cancellation Technology, just hear what you want and say what you want. The adaptive equalizers and automatic gain controls are heaven-sent. Say goodbye to distortions. No more miscommunication, no more wasting of time.

This is the most important factor in deciding which earphones to go for. With Awei sweeping through the competition with their latest 'B-series' launched in 2017, this 'X-series' is the total game-ender. No other bluetooth earphones could pull off an excellent dual dynamic driver at this price point.

There's something special with the Awei X650BL. Awei is known to tune their earphones to have a boosted bass. Well, not this time. It's different from the bass-centric models from Awei. Just the right bass. Punchy, yet smooth. Strong, yet not bloated. It's quick-decaying and pleasant. Probably a huge factor that gives X650BL a decent soundstage.

Another thing that's new is that the mids aren't recessed. The dual dynamic drivers definitely did a great job in bringing the mids forward. Regardless of the genre, the reproduction of mids is highly-satisfactory, even for those with high standards. (Ehem, earbuds enthusiasts.)

In terms of highs, well this is surprising. Go ahead and play those tracks that can tell an earphone's sibilance. Notice how the sound is bright but light, sparkly but not sharp. If you're tired of those IEMs that spit 's' and 't' sounds, the Awei X650BL could be your perfect replacement.

Response to equalization is superb. Anyone who loves playing around, tuning his/her equalizer settings would love Awei X650BL's sound attitude. Its dual dynamic drivers are friendly and goes well with every care or strain you put it through.

The box don't lie. It really lasts up to 7 hours of continuous usage with 50-70% volume and 320kbps music playback.

Even with the implementation of the older Bluetooth 4.1, there is little to no drawback with the music playback, except with huge file sizes and bitrates. Not much of a con, though as this is just mostly important in watching videos.

No contests. With a price under $30, this is such a steal deal.

In case you need more assurance, Awei requires its official resellers to provide 15 Days Replacement Warranty and 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

Anyone who tries this and compare with similar products on the same price range would probably choose this over the entire competition.

A detachable cable would make this gear a staple purchase.